Press Release

20 April 2023

In response to the statements made on various web channels in recent days, according to which an association based in Milan would have undertaken “a collective action in favor of those who have invested in XMT”, and that a complaint would also have been filed by this association – statements which have been reiterated on various social networks by some financial commentators – the MetalSwap project and its founders, with this press release, declare that they have not received any news or official information regarding the aforementioned alleged collective legal action, nor in relation to the indicated complaint.

In any case, the MetalSwap project, its founders, and the entire team, in light of the aforementioned statements and the subsequent unfounded accusations, clarify that they have always acted in compliance with the existing applicable rules governing the subject matter, since the inception of the project itself. They also specify, if required, that they are willing to provide the necessary information to demonstrate the transparency with which the project has been carried out.

Lastly, the MetalSwap project and its founders, considering the above, are evaluating the actions to be taken before the appropriate competent bodies in order to protect the project and the founders themselves from the reputation-damaging statements made against them in recent days.

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