DeFi Foundation

DeFi Foundation has been established in October 2021 with the registered office in Zug, Switzerland and the founders donate to the foundation 50.000 CHF in cash.

The foundation is composed of the foundation board, the auditor, and the additional bodies.


The main goal of DeFi Foundation is the promotion of new technologies’ development and application in the fields of open and decentralized software architectures. The foundation’s aim is also to support, through technology and/or financial groups, public institutions and private individuals who are engaged in the field of financial and metal markets.

DeFi Foundation can promote and finance various activities and projects; issue, receive, hold, and spend digital blockchain based information units, but not trade them; engage with authorities to support the development and operation of the new technologies and applications for financial and metal markets and conduct all business and promote and/or enter all transactions.



In 2021, Defi Foundation has implemented the first project: MetalSwap, that is a decentralized platform (DeFi) that uses the ETH protocol in massive way.

It is based on Blockchain technology that allows hedging swaps on financial markets because Ethereum blockchain itself is the most proven reliable in term of security and it is the only blockchain to have reliable decentralized oracles that will be used to obtain data outside the blockchain providing a coverage to those who work with commodities and an investment opportunity.

MetalSwap system ensures several benefits as the following:

Costs minimized due to the fact there is no need of intermediaries

Decentralization system, MetalSwap’s automatism and DeFi overcomes the issue of monopoly

DAO control structure

No need for bank coverage


Market open 24/7

DEFI Foundation | CHE-470.639.161 | Bahnhofstrasse 21 - 6300 - ZUG - SWITZERLAND - Email: